Arriving to the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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“Struttin’ & cuttin’…Arriving to the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Privilege walkin’ the legendary halls of famed “30 Rock”. #SummerInTheCity #StillNoFannyPack #PressTour #HERCULESMovie

Photo: Struttin' & cuttin'...Arriving to the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Privilege walkin' the legendary halls of famed "30 Rock". #SummerInTheCity #StillNoFannyPack #PressTour #HERCULESMovie


Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson and Jimmy Fallon Play Fitness Duo “The Fungo Brothers”—Watch the Hilarious Clips!

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It’s obvious that Dwayne Johnson is in great shape—but what about Jimmy Fallon?

The Hercules actor stopped by NBC’s Tonight Show Tuesday, where he joined the host for some silly exercise skits. Johnson set the segment up by saying he first got interested in fitness after watching the Fungo brothers’ VHS tape. “They were really ahead of their time,” Fallon joked. “All the fitness trends over the years—the Thighmaster, the Shake Weight—these guys did it first. They were never quite successful but they were always so close to the next big thing. It’s amazing they never got credit for it.”

Fallon then accessed the “vintage” clips via NBC’s computer database.

Enter mop-topped fitness duo Jeff and Tad. “Do you wanna run faster do you want you your legs that will cause disasters and glutes that are harder than plaster?” Jeff (Fallon) asked. “You gotta get the thigh cruncher.” Tad (Johnson) added, “You’ll know it’s working when you feel the burn between your legs.”

They ended the demonstration with their catchphrase: “You’ve gotta hustle for the muscle!”

The next clip was from the ’50s. Similar to what Chubby Chucker did with “The Twist,” Fallon explained, the Fungo brothers “invented a dance that burned even more calories. It wasn’t that big of a hit.”

The Fungo brothers instructed viewers to “get on down and do the squat-thrust.” Not quite as catchy.

The third and final clip showed the Fungo brothers using a tool similar to the Shake Weight called the Jack Weight. As its name might imply, the segment was filled with lewd innuendos about masturbation.

“If you wanna get packed and stacked, then you’ve gotta Jack it,” Jeff said. “You’ve gotta Jack it in the morning. You can Jack it in the afternoon,” Tad said. “Oh, god, and then you can even Jack it all night.”


Dwayne Johnson’s heroic ‘Hercules’ transformation

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LOS ANGELES — There is no place to hide on a movie screen when playing the Greek icon Hercules. The first superhero had a demigod body in a time of skimpy clothing.


That’s why Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 42, would perform frequent detailed inspections to make sure he was showing the right stuff everywhere when filming Hercules (out Friday) last year in Budapest.

“Every 72 hours I would strip down to my underwear and get someone on the team to take 360-degree pictures of my entire body. Then I would send the pictures to my (training) coach,” says Johnson. “It was an incredible process, the constant management of the visual.”

The 6-foot-5 actor believes he and the filmmakers have nailed this mighty visual, from the full beard (that’s yak hair) to the body scars on the real-deal warrior’s body.

“I’ve been in the business for 15 years. And I have never had the opportunity to transform into something like this before,” says Johnson. “It opened my eyes to the level of detail required.”

Johnson has dreamed of taking the Hercules tale to the screen since seeing the famous 1958 version starring Steve Reeves. The stars finally aligned under directorBrett Ratner, but not before Johnson had to endure his own formidable labors.

The bodywork started with 22 weeks of a seven-meals-daily diet along with daily two-hour workouts. Once he reached his peak look, Johnson had a setback — he suffered a severe pelvis tendon injury during a high-profile WrestleMania bout. It eventually led to an emergency triple-hernia operation weeks before shooting was to begin.

The entire film was delayed for two weeks (costing about $1 million a week) as Johnson recuperated.

“But I gave Brett and the studio my word, that I was going to be ready,” says Johnson. “Once I made it to Budapest, it was full-tilt boogie training.”

There, he rose at 3:30 a.m. to begin the diet, often eating on the go from plastic containers.

“He had worked out long before I was thinking about getting up,” says Ratner. “I would taunt him with chocolate on the set. Nothing. I have never seen such discipline.”

There was no cheating allowed during filming — IMAX screens don’t lie.

“If I had pizza slices, you could see the difference in my body the next day, especially in the midsection,” says Johnson. “And with Hercules there was always a lot of body showing.”

The daily transformation was intricate. The Rock’s tattoos would be covered while Hercules’ scars were added. His beard alone required 2½ hours of careful yak-hair application.

“A lace beard looks fake and and it doesn’t move as a real beard would, especially in tight shots,” says Johnson. “Sitting there for 2½ hours, you think, ‘Is this the most efficient way to do this? No. Is it the highest quality way? Yes.’ “

Johnson believes even his Hercules mentor would be impressed with the final product.

“I think Steve Reeves would be proud of the physique and the look of this generation’s Hercules,” he says. “And I think he would say, ‘There is no way you ate all of that food.’ “




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Sounds like the star will be playing Captain Marvel.

Dwayne Johnson - DC Hero
BY CHRIS TILLY Dwayne Johnson has made no secret of the fact that he wants to star in a superhero movie, and based on an illuminating new interview, it sounds like we might now know what that movie will be.

Speaking to TotalFilm, Johnson said that he and DC Comics have been discussing projects for a while, and that it’s difficult to find the right character for him to play because of his personality and appearance, but now it seems they may have finally settled on something.

“There’s a character out there that we’re going to announce soon” he revealed. “He has the power of Superman. And it’s not the Green Lantern by the way. Believe me – Jon Stewart – he is a character who I wanted to play, but there was already a version of Green Lantern, and so now we’ve gone in a slightly different direction. But this character has the power of Superman. He can throw down.”

Then, with a big grin on his fact, Johnson adds “Just say the word. That’s all I’m going to say.”

What word could that be? Well the fact that TotalFilm simply has to say ‘Shazam’ to be turned into Captain Marvel – a DC character with powers not unlike Superman – suggests that it’s pretty much a done deal.

So unless our detection skills are poor, or the actor is playing games to throw us all off the superhero scent, expect Dwayne Johnson to announce that he is starring in a Shazam movie very soon, perhaps as early as Comic-Con later this week.

Chris Tilly is the Entertainment Editor for IGN in the UK and knows that this news will make his Dad very happy. He can be found talking nonsense on both Twitter and MyIGN.

Credit: IGN.COM Hookup: 75 Pairs of IMAX Passes to ‘Hercules’ With Dwayne Johnson

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CHICAGO – In the latest Hookup: Film, we have 75 pairs of advance-screening IMAX movie passes up for grabs to the highly anticipated “Hercules” starring Dwayne Johnson!

“Hercules,” which is rated “PG-13” and opens on July 25, 2014, also stars Ian McShaneJoseph FiennesJohn HurtRufus Sewell, Peter Mullan, Issac Andrews, Ingrid Berdal, Rebecca Ferguson, Aksel Hennie, Reece Ritchie and Tobias Santelmann from director Brett Ratner (“Rush Hour” films, “Red Dragon,” “X-Men: The Last Stand”) and writers Ryan Condal and Evan Spiliotopoulos.

To win your free “Hercules” passes courtesy of, just get interactive with our social media widget below. That’s it! This screening is on Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 6 p.m. in downtown ChicagoThe more social actions you complete, the more points you score and the higher yours odds of winning! Completing these social actions only increases your odds of winning; this doesn’t intensify your competition!


Here is the synopsis for “Hercules”:

Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures’ film “Hercules” with Dwayne Johnson bows on July 25, 2014. Based on Radical Comics’ “Hercules,” this ensemble action film is a revisionist take on the classic myth set in a grounded world where the supernatural does not exist. “Hercules” also stars Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell, Joseph Fiennes, Peter Mullan and John Hurt.


The movie poster for Hercules starring Dwayne Johnson, Ian McShane and Joseph Fiennes
The movie poster for “Hercules” starring Dwayne Johnson, Ian McShane and Joseph Fiennes.
Image credit: Paramount Pictures

This Hookup is simple! Just get interactive in our social media widget above. We will award 75 admit-two IMAX movie tickets based on social entry numbers and/or randomly via e-mail for our “Hercules” Hookup. Good luck!


NO-SHOW POLICY works hard to coordinate our giveaways for you with the movie studios. If you enter to win and are fortunate enough to be awarded, we expect you to attend. If you reply saying you can’t attend – or don’t show up at all without notifying us – that opportunity goes to waste and another lucky winner misses out on enjoying what you would have. We use various forms of tracking technologies to know whether or not you attended. When you win and don’t attend, reputation points will be counted against you and you’ll win less frequently. If you enter to win, please make sure you can attend if you do win. Thank you.


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HERCULES – Dwayne Johnson Interview

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BigPond Movies’ Mieke Buchan caught up with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to talk about his new film Hercules. A dream role for Johnson, he talks early starts, Yak fur on his face, his music of choice, and he even teaches us how to win a thumb war!

Hercules hits Australian cinemas July 24.

Credit: Big Pond Movies

The Rock on His Physical Appearance & Hercules

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson joins Mike and Jemele to talk about his physical image, new movie “Hercules” and his Hollywood success.


Credit: Numbers Never Lie